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Stud Service

What We Provide

I have been doing stud service for many years now. There are 4 proven studs in our kennel
available for stud service. All four have sired lovely puppies so they are all proven studs.. Our studs
are beautiful and three of them are very small. 


We work with our customers to improve the chances of having healthy litters. After the pups
are born we continue helping because we want you to have healthy puppies. Our fee for stud service
is a puppy or a fee and you choose, We ask for the second pick of the litter when you pay with a
puppy. The fee is $500 for an AKC registered female. The fee for females not registered with the AKC may be less. If there are no puppies the next stud service is free and with a different stud.

Services associated with stud service are listed below: 

1.  Advice on care of pregnant females.

2.  Whelping (birthing) advice.

3.  Tail docking and dewclaw removal.

4.  Weaning (raising) advice.

5.  Selling some of your pups for you.
...and more.


Stud service is done as recommended in the AKC dog book. Yorkies are hard to breed but more often than not, we get the job done. Usually the females are left at the kennel for two or three days for breeding purposes. After a successful mating, we charge cash up front or second pick of the litter. 

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