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About Yorkies


Yorkshire Terriers have been one of the most popular breed of small dog for many years. Their lively

and loving personalities make them irresistible and adored by their owners. Yorkies, more often than not...

love everyone including children, so they make great family pets. Their average life span is 15 years.  They
are protective (in a good way) as they will bark if someone is at your door. To a Yorkie lover... the house
not a home without their Yorkie.

Yorkies have a split coat…meaning…the head, belly, legs, and feet are one color and the saddle area is
another color. The four standard colors are black and tan, black and gold, blue/grey and gold, and blue/grey and tan. They do not shed…(YAY!). The standard size for the breed is 7 pounds and under. Adult Yorkies under
4 pounds are often called, “teacup Yorkies.” Their adult colors, and beauty become apparent as they age.

Standard colored Yorkies are all born black and tan. By the time they are 12 weeks old we can usually predict
their adult colors. Adult size is predicted using a weight and age chart. Most pups are ready for new homes by
8 - 10 weeks old.  The very small pups are kept until they are 12 weeks old or older because they are delicate.
Our goal is always the same, we want them to have long lives.



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